Give Cancer the Boot

Cancer always feels like it is too close. Our parents, our children, and our families and  friends are all just a few words away from having their life changed forever. When that diagnosis reveals itself to the ones we love, all any of us want to do is give cancer the boot.

I was honored to be asked to write and perform a song for the Essentia Health Cancer Center Survivorship Celebration this week. A friend of mine who works there gave me the theme and I was so excited to write a song titled “Give Cancer the Boot”. Because that is what so many survivors have done. They found out that they have cancer and then, thanks to medical treatment, lifestyle changes, and the support of loved ones, they were able to kick cancer out of their bodies. But we as a society are trying to do the same thing on a much bigger scale. Cancer is a problem that we need to address. And just like when cancer is being addressed on a personal level, there are steps we can all take to confront and respond to this threat. Through research into treatment we can wind up, and with dedication to prevention we can take aim, and with persistence we can all give cancer the boot.

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