A Message to Our Students

This last month has been really tough on everybody. Educators are trying to figure out how to serve our kids and their families. Parents and families are trying to take care of their kids while working from home. And our students are trying to make sense of this new world they suddenly find themselves in.

Usually we are there to help our students. But having to keep our distance and not being able to say “goodbye” in person has been difficult for all of us. I asked teachers and staff at Early Childhood Special Education in Fargo what they would want to say to our kids and their families. Their responses became the lyrics to this song. Enjoy! And feel free to share!

Thanks to everyone who participated and Haley for making an incredible video!

See You Again

Since the day we last saw you, it’s been far too long
We wish we would have had the chance to say goodbye before you were gone.
If we would’ve known things were going to happen this way
There’s so much that we would have taken the time to say.

We love you and we miss you and your bright smiling faces
We hope you’re happy and safe no matter where your place is.
And we appreciate your families and everything they do
And we just wanted to say we’re all in this together with you.


You can do hard things you’ve got it in you
It may take some time for you to begin to
See that you can do this and then
We’re so excited for when this all ends and
we can see you again.

Because we care about you!
We hope you’re healthy and you’re eating
And being kind to your family and appreciating reading.
Because these are the things we miss when we can’t be around
But we know you can do your best at staying safe and sound.

And now that might not sound easy but we know we can do it
And when it finally happens you’ll say you always knew it.
Do whatever you need to help you stay strong
Because all of us knew all along…

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