Think in Black and White

Black and White
James Bergman 
Back in 1937 when we got that black and white TV
We stayed up all night in its crackling light
Wondering what it is we were going to see.

And then again in 1941 when that new Technicolor came around
The pictures on the screen were like what we had seen
But the our mind wasn’t blind to the colors that we finally found.

We realized what we’d been missing when it finally came to light
That we might see the world in color, but we think in black and white.

We might have heard it said when we were younger that certain people didn’t belong
And we might have believed because the facts we received 
Were biased or racist or wrong.

But then when were shook or woke we could look at the truth as it finally arrives
That the real sin isn’t letting love win
It’s letting hate dictate our lives.

And the new ideas we’re left with make us realize what isn’t right
When we see the world in color, but we think in black and white.

Because black and white doesn’t do the world justice
Black and white ain’t the way it ought to be
And black and white might have once been alright
But it just isn’t good enough for me.

Now I’m not trying to make is seem that I’m someone who always knows the right way
I’ve got my own thoughts and a couple blind spots
But I’m hoping that I’m open to what others might say

And if I’m wrong, please help me along so that I can finally begin
To appreciate and see the beautiful diversity
Of this wonderful world we’re in.

But I know we can get there together, and I’m wishing with all of my might
That we might see the world in color instead of simply thinking in black and white.

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