The Sugar is Free

I originally wrote this song in 2000 while completing high school in Steinbach, Manitoba. I have performed it several times since then, most notably with David Graham and his upright bass.

Sugar is Free
On a grey December night I was walking down the street
There was snow on the ground and it was chillin’ my feet
The wind was frigid as I heard it moan
Stabbin’ at and chillin’ me to the bone
I thought that I could use a little something hot
To warm me up and hit the spot
I look down the street and my jaw does drop
To see an open sign at a coffee shop.

Business must have been slow; not another soul in sight,
But the waitress who was waiting there for me all night
In her soft creamy hand she held a coffee pot
I knew that everything I needed was just what she got.
I asked for coffee with sugar and cream
Something bitter something sweet and something nicely in-between
And a smile came to her lips as I inquired of the fee,
She said, “The coffee’ll cost you; but the sugar is free.”

We took our drinks, sat down together
Talked about the world, and ourselves, and the weather.
After my second cup and some good conversation
I could feel my heart racing and feel the stimulation.
And then I realized I wasn’t cold anymore
In fact, I felt hotter than I ever felt before.
And then I realized it started happening to me
When she said
“The coffee’ll cost you but the sugar is free.”

Now if I’m caught in the cold or stuck in a storm
I’ve got a hot little thought that’ll keep me warm
And it goes without saying that thought would have to be
When she said, “The coffee’ll cost you… but the sugar is free.”

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