Longest Night

Each Winter Solstice, our church holds a service for those who might be struggling with the holidays. This year it feels like something all of us can relate to in some way or another. This song is for all of us, this year.

Longest Night 12/21/2017

Folks are singing joy to the world,

But I just can’t seem to sing along.

Each time I try to see the light, each silent night seems, oh so long.

The cold of the bleak midwinter enters into my body and soul.

Everyone is holding on to candy canes, but it feels like I’ve got a fistful of coal. 

I’ve listened to the angels we have heard on high, but I still feel so low.

Why can’t I feel that same peace on Earth everybody else seems to know.

I’m so far down, I can hardly find the energy to pray

For a little less darkness with each passing day.

But maybe with the sun, some hope will arise with a little more levity and light

If I can make it through the longest night.

You Were Meant to Be

I wrote this song for my son’s baptism. But in truth, I wrote it before he was even born. Waiting for the birth of a child can be nerve-racking. You hope that everything’s going to turn out all right but you just don’t know until it happens. But all along the way, you know that no matter who this person ends up being, you will love them. And there are so many people involved in our lives and in the lives of our children and we hope that they will love our children and accept them for who they are and who they become. This song is not just for my son but for all of the people will help him become whoever it is that he is meant to be. Thank you for being a part of our lives.