I sometimes struggle with being a Christian.

Usually, this has less to do with my own faith, and more to do with someone else’s. Some people use their faith to justify their own prejudices rather than to grow beyond them. Finding a church in the Fargo-Moorhead area that is Open and Affirming has helped me embrace my Christian faith.

I love to write music for my church. I look forward to sharing lyrics and videos from these performances here.

Circle in the Cross


The pastor at our church was working on a collaborative art installation by Bradford Hansen-Smith at Concordia College in Moorhead.  She saw that a circle can be folded to make a cross and that when arranged in a certain configuration and viewed from a specific angle, they appear to create the shape of a cross.

I was commissioned by our pastor to write a piece of music for this occasion and for her artwork. I was inspired by the shape of the cross, and the lines we draw to separate ourselves from those around us. Our world is a circle. If we understand the cross as a circle with room for everyone, and we stop looking at the things that separate us we can appreciate and reflect the love of God to everyone.