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(I) Got Vaccinated

I was so excited when I head that vaccines had been created for Covid-19. I was able to get my first shot today and wrote this song to celebrate. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 There you are thanks to scientists and Dolly Parton  Here I am hoping that immunity is starting  Will you help […]

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The Sugar is Free

I originally wrote this song in 2000 while completing high school in Steinbach, Manitoba. I have performed it several times since then, most notably with David Graham and his upright bass. Sugar is FreeOn a grey December night I was walking down the streetThere was snow on the ground and it was chillin’ my feetThe […]

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Longest Night

Each Winter Solstice, our church holds a service for those who might be struggling with the holidays. This year it feels like something all of us can relate to in some way or another. This song is for all of us, this year. Longest Night 12/21/2017 Folks are singing joy to the world, But I […]

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Little Slice of Heaven

I first started writing this song in Austin, Texas while attending a friend’s wedding. It was an incredible wedding complete with a dance off during the reception (I think I came in second). This song pulls in a lot of pieces from all over my life. And while American🇺🇸 Thanksgiving and Canadian🇨🇦 (real) Thanksgiving happen […]

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Think in Black and White

Black and WhiteJames Bergman 3/21/2017Back in 1937 when we got that black and white TVWe stayed up all night in its crackling lightWondering what it is we were going to see.And then again in 1941 when that new Technicolor came aroundThe pictures on the screen were like what we had seenBut the our mind wasn’t blind […]

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PopTech 2019

PopTech is the coolest thing you have never heard of. Or at least, it was the coolest that I had never heard of until, somehow, I received a scholarship from the Bush Foundation, allowing me to attend and find out for myself what it was all about. I was not disappointed. I will not attempt […]

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A Message to Our Students

This last month has been really tough on everybody. Educators are trying to figure out how to serve our kids and their families. Parents and families are trying to take care of their kids while working from home. And our students are trying to make sense of this new world they suddenly find themselves in. […]

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Staying inside after a long North Dakota winter is hard. The weather gets nice (above 20 degrees) and we want to get outside with the people close to us. But with the current pandemic, staying inside and keeping your distance is one of the best things you can do for your community. People who have […]

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