Yesterday, for the first time ever, I visited the Heart-n-Soul Community Cafe in Fargo, North Dakota. The food was amazing. Thanks, Food of the North! I can’t recommend it highly enough. Please check it out, pay what you can, and support local food for everyone.

When a life that’s full of problems might seem like all that you’ve got, its
Even worse when your own stomach is as empty as your pockets.

It doesn’t seem easy to find a place for breaking bread
When you’re broke and you’ve got your own family that needs to get fed.

But if you ever enter into heart and soul you find
A place where they’ll feed more than just your body and your mind.
They do their part to give the peace that makes us feel whole
And all it takes is a little heart and soul.

With heart and soul
All are welcome at the table.
With heart and soul
You get more than what you need.
You just give a little bit
Of whatever you are able.
And you’ll get a square meal
That will make you feel whole.
All it takes is a little heart and soul.